Odds of winning depend upon the number of eligible entries received during the Campaign Window and will vary from Sweepstakes to Sweepstakes.


Altavod Technologies LLC (herein referred to as “Altavod”), works with filmmakers, distributors and partners (collectively referred to as “Filmmakers”) to curate promotional campaigns, typically involving customer opportunities to engage with content via Altavod’s Internet-based home entertainment service platform located at (the “Service”). Users of the Service (“Users”) have the option to transact or engage with content on the Service, per the Terms of Use. Occasionally, Filmmakers will establish sweepstakes campaigns (“Sweepstakes”) to create unique experiences and opportunities for Users. The Prizes (“Prizes”) are ones that almost anybody (see restrictions below) can enter to win and are set and are in each case governed by the particular Filmmaker administering the Sweepstakes (the “Administrator”).

Users do not have to transact to enter a Sweepstakes, but if a User does, the Administrator may grant additional Sweepstakes entries to such Users, the specific details of which will be included on the Administrator’s campaign page for such Sweepstakes (the “Campaign Page”). Users may always enter a Sweepstakes campaign without transacting by Joining the Newsletter (“Join Newsletter”). Altavod or the Administrator may also offer certain guaranteed perks and incentives (“Perks”). Perks are not part of the Sweepstakes—perks are based on User actions within Altavod.

Each Sweepstakes will be conducted substantially as described in these Official Rules. Each Sweepstakes is sponsored solely by Altavod and administered solely by the Administrator unless otherwise specified on the Campaign Page. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Sweepstakes must be directed to the Sweepstakes administrator, unless otherwise specified.


Altavod offers different ways to enter a Sweepstakes, as follows:

Engagement: Go to, choose the movie you wish to engage with, and complete the engagement activity that corresponds to the Sweepstakes.

To enter for free. Go to the particular Campaign Page on, click the “Enter for Free” button, choose the movie you wish to engage with, and click the “Join Newsletter” button.


Altavod has technology to ensure that each entry is created equal and winners are chosen at random. Joining the Newsletter receives 1 entry, while Administrators can dictate what other forms of engagement earn.

Regardless of how you enter, a User cannot enter a Sweepstakes and earn more than a maximum of 101 entries.


Campaigns are open to registered Users of the Service 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry who are legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and most countries around the world, but they’re void in all countries on the United States list of embargoed countries, as well as in countries where local laws prohibit entry into sweepstakes. We also may have to limit certain campaigns to specific countries. If we do so, we publish that in special rules on the Campaign Page.

Also, to keep things fair, full-time and part-time employees of Altavod or any of the Administrators using Altavod for the applicable campaign, and members of their respective households and immediate families (i.e., parents, spouses, domestic partners, siblings, and children), are not eligible to enter. Additionally, any individual that uses a bot, software, or any other codes, instructions or third-party software for the purpose of automatically entering into a Sweepstakes (or multiple Sweepstakes) or in any way that provides an unfair advantage over individuals that enter manually, will be disqualified from the Sweepstakes they entered and all future Sweepstakes, at the sole discretion of Altavod.

From time to time, we may set limitations on how frequently someone can be eligible to win a Prize within a specified time period.

Individuals may not receive more than one Prize within any 30-day period, and may only win one Prize per campaign. This limitation applies across all Altavod Sweepstakes.

Your country may allow you to enter a Sweepstakes but not allow you to receive a certain Prize. It’s your responsibility to review any specific restrictions before claiming that Prize or making a donation.

In all cases, campaigns are void where prohibited or restricted by law.


As soon as a Campaign Page is created by an Administrator, a User may enter the Sweepstakes. The end date for each campaign is listed on the Campaign Page. Unless otherwise specified, we usually start campaigns at 12:00:01 A.M. Pacific Time (“PT”) and end at 11:59:59 P.M. PT on the days specified. Altavod calls this time period the “Campaign Window”.


Within 10 business days of campaign close, we’ll use an automated random drawing process to draw a potential winner(s) for that campaign. A confirmation process, which may include a background check, will then take place to ensure the potential winner meets the legal standards required. Winners and, if applicable, their guest(s) agree to cooperate fully with Altavod in its conducting any background check(s), which includes providing information requested by Altavod including, but not limited to, full legal names and addresses. If the Prize includes meeting a celebrity, meeting a public figure, or attending a special event and any background check indicates, in Altavod’s sole discretion, that the potential winner or the potential winner’s guest(s) pose a danger to or may harm the reputation of any person or entity involved in the Sweepstakes, Altavod may disqualify said winner and move on to the next randomly drawn potential winner.

Pending a positive outcome of the confirmation process, an Altavod representative will notify the potential winner via email and/or phone. The potential winner must respond within the time period designated in the notification, or Altavod may move on to another randomly drawn potential winner. Before confirming a potential winner as the winner, Altavod may require the potential winner to confirm their eligibility. Once that’s done, the potential winner and guest(s) must execute and return all required documents (including executed liability/publicity releases) within the time frame specified by Altavod. If you do not execute and return all required documents within the time frame specified by Altavod, you will forfeit the Prize and Altavod will move on to another randomly drawn potential winner.


The Administrators are responsible for describing each Prize on their Campaign Page and in any special campaign rules, including the approximate retail value for that Prize if not otherwise known. Some Prizes, particularly experiential Prizes, may not have any retail value.

Some Prizes have extra restrictions or conditions. The Administrator or Altavod may post specific rules for each campaign. Any meetings with celebrities are subject to security and background checks as set forth above. All expenses related to experiential Prizes are the User’s responsibility unless otherwise listed. Travel restrictions, conditions and limitations may apply.

For Prizes involving travel, the Prize value may vary depending on point of departure, travel dates and fare/rate fluctuations. Neither Altavod nor the Administrator is responsible for any cancellations, delays, diversions or substitutions, or any act or omission of any third person with respect to the trip. Lost or stolen tickets, travel vouchers or certificates or similar items once they are in your possession, will not be replaced. Winner(s) and guest must travel on same itinerary. If you or your guest are, in our opinion or the opinion of our partners, obnoxious, threatening, abusive, or harassing before or during the trip or Prize, the Administrator, Altavod and their respective partners reserve the right to deny or terminate the trip or Prize, in whole or in part, and move on to the next randomly drawn winner if the Prize has not yet been delivered.

Your guest must be of legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction of residence, or your child or legal ward (unless otherwise approved by us).

If you live within a one hundred (100) mile radius of the site where the Prize is to be performed, Altavod or the Administrator may provide ground transportation or a stipend for ground transportation instead. Additionally, any and all expenses not specified in the campaign, including, but not limited to, checked baggage fees, meals and gratuities, are the sole responsibility of the winner and the winner’s guest(s).

Prizes cannot be transferred or substituted, except that Altavod or a Administrator can substitute a Prize of equal or greater value. Unless otherwise specified in the special campaign rules, in the event that a portion of a Prize goes unused, it may not be substituted, transferred, or redeemed for cash.

All federal, state/provincial, and/or other taxes are the sole responsibility of each winner. All winners that receive a Prize with an approximate retail value of $600 or more must provide a completed and signed IRS Form W-9 and will be issued a Form 1099.

All Prize details not specified in these Official Rules will be determined solely in Altavod’s and the Administrator’s discretion. All Prizes are awarded “AS IS” and without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Altavod hereby expressly disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, concerning any Prize furnished in connection with the Sweepstakes. Gift cards and tickets of any kind are subject to the terms and conditions printed thereon. Any depiction of a Prize or Prize components, in Sweepstakes materials or otherwise, is for illustrative purposes only.


By accepting the Prize, you agree that we can use your name, address (city and state), photograph, voice and/or other likeness and Prize information to tell everyone that you were the Winner(s) of the Prize. This means we can include you in advertising and trade and promotional materials for Altavod, in any form of media (including media that’s not yet known), and that we can do so without any additional compensation. This only applies unless otherwise prohibited by law. You agree that we may require you to sign a formal publicity release consistent with the foregoing as a condition to receipt of any Prize.


When you enter a Sweepstakes, we’ll collect some information about you. Check out our privacy policy at to see what Altavod collects and how we use it. If you choose to enter a Sweepstakes, you agree to our privacy policy. You can always choose not to enter.


Altavod, Administrators, sponsors, prize providers, charities, foundations and promotional partners in any war related to a Sweepstakes, and each of their respective successors, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, administrators, heirs, representatives, assigns and licensees (the “Released Parties”) are not responsible for illegible, lost, late, incomplete, misdirected, or undeliverable email; or for any computer, telephone, satellite, cable, network, electronic or internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, or availability, or garbled, corrupt or jumbled transmissions, service provider/internet/website/use net accessibility, availability, or traffic congestion, or any technical, typographical, or other error, or unauthorized human intervention, or the incorrect or inaccurate capture of registration information, or the failure to capture, or loss of, any such information or for the conduct of the Administrator or for entries that are tampered with, forged, stolen, destroyed or otherwise not received or not in compliance with these Official Rules. Altavod is not responsible for any change of email address, mailing address and/or telephone number of entrants. Notification is deemed to have occurred immediately upon placing of a phone call or sending of an e-mail or any other form of communication Altavod may use to contact the finalist and/or a potential winner. The Released Parties are not responsible for and shall not be liable for late, misdirected or unsuccessful efforts to notify a qualifier or potential winners. Entrants agree to waive any rights to claim ambiguity of the Official Rules. The Released Parties reserve the right to cancel a Sweepstakes at any time without notice for any reason, including without limitation, a determination that such Sweepstakes or the Administrator thereof is in violation of our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or any other rule, law or regulation.

By entering Sweepstakes, you agree: (a) to be bound by these Official Rules and by all applicable laws and decisions of the Administrator or Altavod, which shall be binding and final; (b) ) you are not participating on behalf of any employer or third party; (c) to waive any rights to claim ambiguity with respect to these Official Rules; (d) to waive all of your rights to bring any claim, action, or proceeding against any of the Released Parties in connection with any Sweepstakes; (e) to forever and irrevocably agree to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless each of the Released Parties from any and all claims, lawsuits, judgments, causes of action, proceedings, demands, fines, penalties, liability costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable outside attorneys’ fees) that may arise in connection with your participation in any Sweepstakes (including any Prize); and (f) in the event that you do not comply with the rules, you will be disqualified.

In the event of a dispute regarding entries received from multiple users having the same email account, the authorized subscriber of the email account at the time of entry will be deemed to be the entrant and must comply with these rules. Authorized account subscriber is the natural person who is assigned the email address by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), online service provider, or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses


To receive a copy of these Official Rules or a list of winners for a particular Sweepstakes, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a note indicating whether seeking “Official Rules” or “Winners List” and the specific Sweepstakes Name and Campaign Window to: Altavod Technologies LLC, 3317 Gassen Place, Los Angeles, CA 90065 no later than 30 days after the end date of a Campaign Window, and we’ll send you a list of the winners


You agree that any and all disputes and disagreements between us will be governed by laws of the State of California applicable to contracts entered into and wholly to be performed within said state without regard to conflicts of laws. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to (i) the Sweepstakes, (ii) the awarding or redemption of a Prize and/or (iii) the enforcement, arbitrability or interpretation of the Official Rules shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration, to be held in Los Angeles County, California, before a single arbitrator, in accordance with and as more specifically described in Section 22 (“Dispute Resolution”) of the Altavod Service Terms of Use available at PURSUANT TO THE FOREGOING, YOU HEREBY WAIVE THE RIGHT TO JURY TRIAL WITH RESPECT TO ALL SUCH CONTROVERSIES OR CLAIMS, WHETHER SOUNDING IN CONTRACT OR TORT, AND INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY CLAIM FOR FRAUDULENT INDUCEMENT THEREOF.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Official Rules will not affect the validity of any other provision. In the event that any provision of these Official Rules is determined to be invalid, void, unenforceable or contrary to law, such term shall, but only to the extent necessary to bring these Official Rules within the requirements of law, be deemed to be severed from the other terms hereof, and the remainder of the Official Rules shall be given effect as if it had not included the severed term(s). Altavod’s failure to enforce any term of the Official Rules will not constitute a waiver of that provision. When terms such as “may” are used herein, Altavod has sole and absolute discretion. Headings are solely for convenience of reference and will not be deemed to affect in any manner the meaning of this document. In the event there is a discrepancy between disclosures or other statements contained in any the Official Rules or other Sweepstakes-related materials, Privacy Policy, Service Terms of Use or other Altavod materials or communications, the discrepancy will be resolved in Altavod’s sole and absolute discretion.


Each Sweepstakes is sponsored by Altavod Technologies LLC, whose principal office is located at 3317 Gassen Place, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

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