Altavod FAQ

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What is Altavod?

Altavod is a platform created by filmmakers for filmmakers to distribute their movies how they want, where they want, when they want. Altavod provides the technology and the tools for any filmmaker to quickly launch a marketing page where they can build their brand, convert customers, and make money.

Who is Altavod for?

Altavod was primarily developed for filmmakers who have content they want to make available for consumers, so that they can reach the film lovers who want to engage with that content. Anyone can create a ‘Filmmaker Account’ (as a Content Creator), and these may include indie filmmakers, distributors, studios, marketing teams, agencies, producers, support staff, or other individuals or companies in the film making and distribution ecosystem.

A fan or consumer may browse our platform to find movies or pages they want to support and make purchases from. Over time, they’ll realize there are unique films and opportunities to engage on Altavod that they can’t do anywhere else.

What features can filmmakers take advantage of on Altavod?

If you’ve ever launched your own webpage or micro-site to promote your movie, or have used web-based tools to upload and share your movie, we have all the features you want and several tools you’ve never had access to - all in one place - including but not limited to:

  • Build and launch a custom page for your movie
  • Upload your movie with control over price points, availability and technical specs
  • Make money and benefit from the lowest commission rate available. For everydollar sold, we keep only 9% while you keep the rest!
  • Promote your page for consumers to buy or rent your movie - they can even donate to you or a charitable cause.
  • Upload your artwork, including extra assets like behind-the-scenes or publicity photos for your movie, cast, and crew.
  • Upload your trailer, including extra videos like bloopers, deleted scenes, or extended cuts
  • Promote your movie by linking to press articles, film festival listings, social media pages, video-on-demand affiliates, or an outside website
  • Connect with your fans by building a mailing list and adding followers for future campaigns
  • Access reports to your page traffic, sales and conversions so that you know what’s working
  • Add unlimited films under a single account or become a manager of other accounts so you can easily manage all your projects, new and old alike.

How much does Altavod cost for consumers?

Nothing. Altavod is a free service you can use to discover and support films from filmmakers of all backgrounds, locations and experience. You only pay for the things you want by clicking on a transactional button. Consumers will be given an opportunity to pre-order, buy and rent movies, products and experiences at prices set by Filmmakers.

I’m a consumer. How do I create an account?

First, thank you for supporting Altavod and our Filmmakers! You can browse our site without having to create an account, but once you want to transact or build your profile further (favorites, payment info and more), you should click the ‘Login/Register’ link in the top right of your screen. Click ‘Create an Account’ and follow the prompts to create an account with Facebook or your email. If you create an account with your email, our service will send you an automated message to confirm your account. Once you click the confirmation link, you’ll be redirected to

I’m a consumer. How do I transact?

Once you are logged into your account, you can either add your preferred payment information to your profile or you will be prompted to input your payment information when you click on a transactional button, such as ‘Pre-Order’ or ‘Rent’.

I pre-ordered a movie. Where can I watch it?

When you pre-order a movie, that movie will appear in your ‘Purchases & Rentals’ section under your Account dropdown in the top right. This page will show you what you pre-ordered, rented, or bought, and when it is available.

I rented or bought a movie. Where can I watch it?

When you rent or buy a movie, a button to ‘Play/Resume’ will appear at the top of the page where you completed your rental. If a button does not appear, you can refresh your page or you can go to your ‘Purchases & Rentals’ section under your Account dropdown in the top right. This page will show you what you pre-ordered, rented, or bought, and when it is available. Keep in mind that rentals will only be available for 48 hours after you complete your rental.

What devices and browsers can I use to watch my movie?

Currently, Altavod is available for consumers to watch movies on supported browsers, operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. Altavod will support additional ways you can watch in the future.

I’m a consumer and would love to further support a filmmaker or their cause. How can I do this?

Altavod allows users to give money directly to filmmakers to support their causes. When you click the ‘Give’ button, you have the option to enter any amount you would like to give, and you will receive a success message once that transaction is processed. For legal reasons, Altavod cannot guarantee how, where, or when your contributions reach their final destinations, so whether or not their foundation or organization is an approved 501(c)(3) tax-designated entity, we cannot provide any information or contact method to take advantage of write-offs. If you suspect any filmmakers are poorly representing themselves, please contact us at or through the ‘Report a Problem’ icon on the film page.

I’m a consumer and want to know more about the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

Please read our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, which is also on the footer of our website.

How much does Altavod cost for Filmmakers?

Altavod offers a FREE plan for filmmakers, distributors or marketing teams to take advantage of as they get started. When you’re ready to make money, upgrade to our BASIC or PREMIUM plan depending on your catalog size and how many assets you want to promote to consumers. Pricing ranges from $10-$50 per month. For every dollar sold, we keep only 9% while you keep the rest! We also have ENTERPRISE plans for distribution companies and large-catalog partners.

I’m a Filmmaker. How do I get started?

Create a filmmaker account for free on the website and follow our online wizard to upload information about your project. Our guide will help you choose the right option for your needs and our staff is on standby to help answer any questions you may have.

How long does it take to create a filmmaker account?

You can setup your account in under 5 minutes and upload your film files and marketing assets in less than 20 minutes. Exact processing times may vary, depending on the file size, volume and quality of the assets you choose to upload.

Does Altavod approve and publish every project that is submitted?

No, Altavod reserves the right to deny publishing any project that goes against our terms of use or which falls outside our ethical standards of conduct. Altavod may also request aesthetic or informational changes, such as descriptive typos, low-quality images, or other improvements.

How long does it take for Altavod to approve and publish a project?

Most projects will be approved and published within minutes of submission, though we ask for up to 2 business days to review for quality control purposes.

I’m a Filmmaker. Why should I get involved today?

Altavod is offering discounts and waiving monthly and annual service fees to early adopters. Check our marketing information for more details, but you could save hundreds of dollars by utilizing Altavod for your campaign! Altavod is also spending its own money to promote films that are on the Altavod platform. Every day you wait, you’re missing out on free and paid exposure.

Will Altavod help sponsor my titles on the platform?

Yes, Altavod offers several features in the Filmmaker Admin that allows filmmakers to maximize and control their level of discoverability. Filmmakers looking for distribution support should contact, as Altavod will be promoting specific films in addition to the organic and paid exposure.

Am I required to have a film distributor to use Altavod?

No, you can use our service whether you are doing self-distribution or have distribution support lined up. The best part of Altavod is you can create a filmmaker account for free and upload your movie on your own in under 5 minutes! If you do have a formal distributor in place, make sure you aren’t in breach of any rights or licenses that you may have provided to them. We would be happy to work directly with your distributor to maximize the value of our service.

I don’t have a distributor yet but would like distribution support. What should I do?

Altavod offers a flexible service where we can become your distributor and support your campaign beyond the default settings of our platform. To learn more, please contact

What if I already have a distributor - can I still use Altavod?

Yes, if you do have a formal distributor in place, make sure you aren’t in breach of any rights or licenses that you may have provided to them. We would be happy to work directly with your distributor to maximize the value of our service.

What if my film has been acquired or sold - can I still have an Altavod page for a film that was acquired by another company like Netflix or Hulu?

Yes, if you have sold or granted a license, please reference your agreement before uploading information to Altavod. However, your page may reference and link to third party TVOD/EST services. Again, it’s up to you to decide how you and your partners want to promote your content.

If I use Altavod, can I still use other platforms or put my movie on iTunes?

Yes, you control where and how you release your film, so putting your movie on Altavod will not restrict you from utilizing other platforms. Our firm belief is that you’ll find more value and ease of use with Altavod than other platforms, so we hope you’ll consider Altavod your primary source of conversion and monetization.

Will Altavod distribute my film beyond the Altavod technology platform?

No. For filmmakers who want to opt in for Altavod or its distribution partners to become their distributor, please contact In the near future, the Altavod platform will allow for premium services that you can sign up for, which include services up to and including distribution-related support. Altavod will never perform any action without your consent.

Where can consumers access and use Altavod?

Consumers will initially be able to engage with your content via supported desktop or mobile-based browser, including but not limited to Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Native applications that support iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV will be available in the future.

Can I also sell my films on other platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, etc.?

Yes, you can sell through any source you believe that provides value to your campaign. Altavod works with partner companies that even support your distribution into theatrical, SVOD, TVOD, EST, and even AVOD mediums. Contact us at to learn more.

I have a direct-to-fan store on my own site. Why bother setting one up on Altavod?

Many filmmakers have setup their own websites for many years, but it’s hard to drive traffic to those standalone websites and even harder to show off all your assets and convert customers the way you want. Your standalone page is not benefitting from organic search traffic or the network effect from being part of a larger platform.

If you haven’t created your own website yet, consider the cost of acquiring a domain, setting up security protocols, integrating to feature upgrades that allow you to create mailing list campaigns and sell rentals or purchases of digital or physical goods through that site. Compare the time, money and energy involved with that against having an account with Altavod in less than 5 minutes. Lastly, if you believe your standalone page is critical to your campaign, try having both and compare the results at the end of each marketing cycle.

Can I customize the Altavod page that consumers see?

Yes and no. Your Altavod page is dynamically and automatically created based on the information and assets you upload in your filmmaker admin. If you upload extra videos, for instance, that section will appear for consumers - if you do not take advantage of that feature, that section will not appear for consumers. The color scheme and layout of your page is uniformly set to provide a consistent user experience and to expedite engagement from our audience. In the future, we will offer premium services that allow you to customize the design of your page even further.

If I have a large number of movies or pages I’d like to upload, do you have a bulk upload tool I can utilize or a file I can provide for you to avoid uploading one by one?

Yes, we encourage you to contact us at to discuss your catalog size and file formats. If you are a qualified partner, we will then provide you with the required formats for bulk uploads.

If I have a large number of movies in my catalog, do I have to upload all of them at once?

No - if you have a large catalog of films, it is entirely up to you to decide which ones you want to promote through the Altavod platform. You may stagger your release dates or try different price points and campaigns to figure out what works. For new clients of Altavod, we understand that many distributors or catalog holders will start with a few films as a test of the power of our service. We’re more than happy to take up the challenge.

What types of video files do you support?

For file uploads, we support *.mp4, *.mov, and *.avi containers with H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9 encoded content. Note that your trailer video can be uploaded as a file or provided with a website url.

What resolutions do you support?

We support any resolution, but for the best possible viewing experience, please make sure you provide us with 1080p @ 7800kbps or better.

If I upload a video in one resolution, do you automatically create additional resolutions?

We create streaming assets for both MPD and HLS formats. We re-encode your video into several resolutions to provide the best possible buffering-free experience, which will be autoset based on the consumer device and their respective Internet connection speed. We create the following resolutions during encoding: 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

I'm a filmmaker. What security is in place for my films?

Altavod uses top-of-the-line encryption and security protocols to protect your film. Please email us at for more info.

How secure is the video file?

Access to your content is protected by Widevine, FairPlay and PlayReady DRM solutions. Files themselves are AES-128 or AES-256 encrypted.

What browsers are you compatible with?

Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and other browsers based on Webkit/Chromium are supported as well. Consumers can browse via desktop or mobile device, with steaming apps to be available in the future.

Does Altavod allow for geo-blocking or geo-fencing?

Altavod allows for geo-fencing (i.e. blocking specific regions from accessing your content), which filmmakers can enforce on a project-by-project basis from their Filmmaker Admin.

Does Altavod allow filmmakers to release my movie anywhere?

Yes, Altavod allows filmmakers to make their movie available worldwide or only for specific countries or territories, though Altavod may not be available to consumers in every territory due to legal or governmental restrictions.

What can filmmakers sell via Altavod?

Altavod allows filmmakers to sell rentals, purchases, and pre-sales to unique films. In the near future, filmmakers will be able to onboard and sell additional products.

Does Altavod support discount codes?

Altavod will support discount codes in the near future.

Does Altavod allow filmmakers to set their own price points for consumers?

Yes, Altavod allows filmmakers with flexibility in how they set their price points. If you want to sell your movie for $100 and rent it for $30, we won’t stop you. However, be mindful of what’s best for your campaign and the goals you wish to achieve.

How are consumer transactions processed on Altavod?

Consumer payments are processed via Stripe, the worldwide leader in handling online transactions. Processing fees and interchange fees are incurred with each transaction, based on the method of payment and other factors. Currently, Altavod only supports payments from authenticated credit cards.

What percentage of each transaction does Altavod retain?

Altavod retains the lowest commission in the industry - 9% - so that our filmmaker partners can make money more quickly to utilize for their campaign, or in making their next movie!

As a filmmaker, how do I get paid from Altavod?

Filmmakers provide their bank information for where Altavod should process ACH payments. Altavod pays filmmakers quarterly.

Can I make a movie available for free on Altavod?

Altavod does not currently support free streaming on its platform, but will have options for AVOD (advertising video-on-demand) in the future.

How do I track sales for my project?

Altavod provides filmmakers with a reporting admin where they can view the date of each transaction and what product the transaction was associated to, including pre-orders, rentals, purchases, and beyond.

Can I invite team members to manage my project?

Yes, this feature is available in the Filmmaker Admin.

Can I upload photos, videos and other assets for consumers to see?

Yes, these features are available in the Filmmaker Admin. However, the only product you can allow consumer transactions on is your movie (for pre-orders, rentals, and purchases).

What is the duration of a rental for a consumer?

Altavod’s default duration for rentals is 48 hours from the time of rental.

What is the duration of a purchase for a consumer?

Altavod will store any consumer purchases (i.e. “Buy for $20”) in the consumer’s cloud profile, where the consumer may access it any time.

Can consumers make donations or tip filmmakers through Altavod?

Altavod provides filmmakers with the ability to accept donations or tips, though it is the filmmaker’s responsibility to direct such funds to the proper institutions or foundations. Some filmmakers may also promote their campaign by sharing that a portion of proceeds may benefit a certain cause or foundation, and the filmmakers will be responsible for any such claims.

As a filmmaker, can I control the dates with which to make transactions available?

Yes, Altavod allows you to customize the start and end date of transactions in the Filmmaker Admin. For example, you could make a free marketing page in June, turn on transactions in August, change prices in October, and disable transactions in November (or any dates you choose). Many filmmakers will take advantage of our pre-order feature to maximize the opportunities granted during press and publicity phases.

Does Altavod require filmmakers to upload subtitles?

No, Altavod allows filmmakers to upload video files according to what they want consumers to see. Filmmakers may upload video files using the Filmmaker Admin.

Does my film have to be rated to be released?

No, Altavod allows filmmakers to upload films that may or may not have been rated by certain agencies, such as the MPAA. Filmmakers have the ability to select the rating of their film or may select ‘Unrated | No Rating’ if they are concerned with any potential ratings-related violations. Ratings serve as important guidance to audiences, particularly families and mature viewers.

How do I use the filmmaker admin?

Simply login and follow along with the wizard and read the help text on each page. We are constantly adding new features and capabilities for you to take advantage of. If you have specific questions, please email

The filmmaker admin is requesting an asset or information I don’t yet have. What should I do?

Altavod requires certain assets to retain a level of quality with consumers, whether that includes a movie poster for visual design benefits, high-definition imagery, or other general information. If you are stuck and our help text does not answer your question, please email

Can I request support from Altavod to onboard my project or assist with the creation of any assets?

Yes, Altavod can support filmmakers with project on boarding or asset creation for a small fee. Please email for more details

Can filmmakers make changes to my campaign after it goes live?

Yes, filmmakers can update information regarding their campaign at any time. They may even make their campaign invisible while they make updates to their project.

What paperwork or legal documents do I need to share with Altavod?

Filmmakers must agree to Altavod’s terms of use, which detail the disclaimers and claims made by any given filmmaker. Altavod does not ask for specific documentation unless there are custom service agreements or featured services that fall outside the Altavod platform. Save the trees and keep it digital!

What is the biggest difference between Altavod and Vimeo?

While we’re big fans of Vimeo, Altavod’s vision is to provide an open platform designed solely for filmmakers who want to control the end-to-end marketing campaign of their project. We pride ourselves on transparency, ease of use and flexibility, and hope that our filmmaker partners take advantage of the tools we’re offering to make their project financially and creatively successful.

What consumer information does Altavod share with filmmakers?

Any Altavod reports that are shared with filmmakers are designed to help manage promotional campaigns only, and will never include any personally identifiable information (PII) of consumers. Filmmakers have the ability to measure how many visitors opened their web-page in a given day, how many transactions occurred in a given day, and which products (i.e. rental vs purchases) were transacted upon. Filmmakers may also utilize Altavod to build a mailing list to connect with fans for future campaigns. Consumers have to manually opt in to your mailing list in order for you to collect their email, which you can view with a simple export function.

If I delete a project, does it delete all my files and data automatically as well?

Yes, if your project never became public, all your files and data are automatically deleted from our cloud. If your project was published, you have the ability to make your project inactive without deleting it. If you do want to delete a project, please contact - however, any purchased or rented content will continue to be available for those customers who have completed their payment.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Email us at

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