Whether you're a filmmaker, distributor, or studio with one or more movies, we know how much time, money, and energy goes into producing and distributing your content. Our mission at Altavod is to help you reach your target audience, no matter your budget or ultimate objective. By creating a free filmmaker account below, you'll have the ability to launch and promote your campaign.


  • Create your own page for promoting your project
  • Embed your trailer, cover art, content details, social media links, and more
  • Allow Altavod users to purchase or rent your movie (or get redirected to where they can)
  • Start growing your email list by allowing users to subscribe to your page
  • Monetize your film and other forms of content

To create and manage your filmmaker account, please switch to a desktop browser. A mobile admin will be available in the future.

Altavod is a platform created by filmmakers for filmmakers to distribute their movies how they want, where they want, when they want. Altavod provides the technology and the tools for any filmmaker to quickly launch a marketing page where they can build their brand, convert customers, and make money.

If you’ve ever launched your own webpage or micro-site to promote your movie, or have used web-based tools to upload and share your movie, we have all the features you want and several tools you’ve never had access to - all in one place - including but not limited to:

  • Build and launch a custom page for your movie
  • Upload your movie with control over price points, availability and technical specs
  • Make money and benefit from the lowest commission rate available. For every dollar sold, we keep only 9% while you keep the rest!
  • Promote your page for consumers to buy or rent your movie - they can even donate to you or a charitable cause.
  • Upload your artwork, including extra assets like behind-the-scenes or publicity photos for your movie, cast, and crew.
  • Upload your trailer, including extra videos like bloopers, deleted scenes, or extended cuts
  • Promote your movie by linking to press articles, film festival listings, social media pages, video-on-demand affiliates, or an outside website
  • Connect with your fans by building a mailing list and adding followers for future campaigns
  • Access reports to your page traffic, sales and conversions so that you know what’s working
  • Add unlimited films under a single account or become a manager of other accounts so you can easily manage all your projects, new and old alike.

Altavod offers a FREE plan for filmmakers, distributors or marketing teams to take advantage of as they get started. When you’re ready to make money, upgrade to our BASIC or PREMIUM plan depending on your catalog size and how many assets you want to promote to consumers. Pricing ranges from $10-$50 per month. For every dollar sold, we keep only 9% while you keep the rest! We also have ENTERPRISE plans for distribution companies and large-catalog partners.

Create a filmmaker account for free on the website and follow our online wizard to upload information about your project. Our guide will help you choose the right option for your needs and our staff is on standby to help answer any questions you may have.